Throughout the years, Jing Mo has given many performances. Although each performance has many of the traditional elements of lion dance performance, we always strive to make each show a unique experience. We are a diverse group of performers with ages ranging from 5 years old and up. We have had the pleasure of performing in the Chinese New Years Parade for the last 16 years and have been heavily involved in the San Francisco Community. Each of our volunteer staff is a professional that has chosen to donate his or her time to promote martial arts and lion dance education as another avenue for personal development. We have had the pleasure of performing a variety of shows from small business gatherings to large corporate functions. Some of the more recent performances have been at the Nordstrom in downtown San Francisco Stores, the Marriot Hotel, the Sheraton Hotel, the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) Convention in June 2000, the CRCD's gala anniversary party, the San Bruno Chamber of Commerce's International Day Festivities, and the San Mateo Public Libraries. We have participated in many community events such as the fund raising for the Lady Shaw Senior Living Community in San Francisco's Chinatown.

We also offer our services for private events such as red egg & ginger parties, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, grand openings, wedding banquets and anything else of a festive and celebratory nature. Our prices vary depending on the performance, which may range from a single lion to several lions, depending on your request. For large affairs attended by over a hundred persons, we recommend our DRAGON. We tailor our shows to your needs. We can add that special touch to make your function a very special and memorable occasion. We are available for lion dance and martial arts performances in the evenings or weekends. Shows are tailored to our clients needs so please let us know if you require any special requests or arrangements, esspecially weekends.


In addition to lion dance, we offer martial arts if desired. Our members can perform hand sets, various Chinese weapons (staff, daggers, sword, saber, spears, etc.) and two-person sparring sets. The majority of these sets are from the Northern Shaolin system, although we also perform a variety of other forms.